The Story...

I have always been obsessed with fashion and "What am I going to wear?" Some of the biggest feelings and memories that stand out for me in life are not only how I felt in those moments but also what I was wearing. This has always been a thread woven in my psyche. I grew up in a very creative and entrepreneurial spirited environment.

I legitimately was lost in NYC when I stumbled upon New York's Fashion District. I will never forget how that felt. There on business with my "big kid" job, it felt like I walked onto the set of a movie scene. I left reality.... and there is where the dream  started for me. I never really thought about the possibility that I could do fashion as a job? Whoa.. wait, this is where it all comes from.. I'm not sure why but this was never even a thought for me. I was just a really great consumer of fashion never thinking I could DO fashion in anyway!


In The Pursuit of Happiness....

I found myself selling jewelry on the street corner in a little part of town called NoDa, 'the arts district,' on the weekends while still pounding away in the corporate world. I realized that selling and making jewelry made me happier than any paycheck. Now, seven years later, this realization led me to summerbird, a small boutique. I have finally found something that by all accounts is the hardest job I have ever had but not one day has it felt like work! 

My goal is to sell the highest end fashion and designer brands so that everyone can experience a 'Carrie Bradshaw' moment on a budget. At the same time, you will encounter the souls of artists, like myself, local, national, and even international in one, small magical place called summerbird. In the end, I hope you find yourself lost here at summerbird, like I was that day in New York. You might find something you have always wanted or maybe have never seen before and CANNOT live without!  We want you to have an experience when you come into the shop. In the last year we have expanded our offering to include specialty home goods and our incredible wellness bar! Cant wait to see you!